How to Play a Vologram Video with Vologram Unity Plugin


This tutorial shows you how to install and use the Vologram SDK unity plugin to play a Vologram video (using its geometry and mp4 files) in Unity Editor.

Create Geometry Files

When you record a dance, the Volu app record a video clip and upload it to Vologram servers. After several minutes (15 mins as of now), Vologram sends you back 3 files:

a. header.vols (geometry)

b. sequence_0.vols (geometry)

c. video texture file (.mp4 format).

To play a vologram, you need these three files. To get them, connect your phone to your computer. Find the files and copy them to a directory on your computer. I put them in a folder called geometry-files/lili-geometry inside my Unity project folder.

Geometry Files created by Volu (The Vologram App)

Setup Vologram Unity Plugin

  1. Install the vologram unity plugin.
    1. Get the plugin from here.
    1. To import it into unity, go to Asset > Import Package > Custom Package. Choose the plugin file and import it.
  2. Create an empty GameObject. I called it ‘Vologram’. Attach the script “VolPlayer” to it. This script loads the geometry files and the related .mp4 file to play the video.
  3. This script has several properties to set up.
    a. Set the Path property of the Vol Folder section to the folder containing the geometry files (see the figure below).
    b. Set the Path property of the Video Texture section to the .mp4 file. You can use the Open New Video File button to set the path.

After we play the scene, we would see:

The Unity Editor is playing the vologram of my daughter Lili while dancing.

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